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Loud House Series: The Twins by RainbowHeartPony Loud House Series: The Twins :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 27 8 Loud House Series: Lincoln by RainbowHeartPony Loud House Series: Lincoln :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 12 2 My Little Ruby: Adventures in Gloomsville by RainbowHeartPony My Little Ruby: Adventures in Gloomsville :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 12 6 Applejack meets Sunny Side-Up by RainbowHeartPony Applejack meets Sunny Side-Up :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 9 4 Rarity meets Jewel Sparkles by RainbowHeartPony Rarity meets Jewel Sparkles :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 17 5 Rainbow Dash meets April Sunsplash by RainbowHeartPony Rainbow Dash meets April Sunsplash :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 9 3 Fluttershy meets Blossom Flowerpot by RainbowHeartPony Fluttershy meets Blossom Flowerpot :iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 8 4
Girl with autism
Sarah grew more and more nervous by the second. She had entered the giant shopping centre about half an hour ago, but was already feeling like a complete mess, due to both the heat and the crowds of people rushing this way and that. It made her poor head spin. Her anxiety was making her face go bright red; she kept biting her lip and fiddling with the hem of her shirt.
Scratching the back of her sweaty neck, she tried her best to remember what shop her mum had asked her to go to. Her dear mother was too busy with five other, younger children to go with Sarah, and she had suggested inviting a friend, but the young girl was adamant that this journey was a great opportunity to get out of her comfort zone. The trouble was, a seemingly simple task, like doing the weekly shop, was far from easy for an autistic fourteen year old girl.
Sarah felt frustrated with herself, and she squeezed her thumbs. Her heart and head were pounding, and she could feel people glaring at her. She opened up her s
:iconrainbowheartpony:RainbowHeartPony 1 3
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Hey guys! So a guy on here, one of my watchers, would really appreciate it if some of you were able to join his patreon group. I might consider joining patreon but I'm not sure yet, so if those of you who are able to could support this guy in his art and that would be really great! He seems like a good person, very polite, and his art is super cool and creative so it's not a bad idea to support him! Thanks guys! :D

Here's a link to his patreon page:

So hi guys! Still have a lot going on at the moment but I'm doing okay, thankfully :)

How are you all? Anything you need to talk about? Because anyone can talk to me about anything. Seriously, ANYTHING. I won't judge you or cast you aside. If you need advice or just a few supportive words, send me a note and I'll get right back to you. Trust me, I don't mind. I know I might seem like a stranger on the internet but I can be a great comfort to those who need a bit of encouragement. So please, feel free to ask me about anything that's worrying you and I will try my best to reply with an honest, yet kind answer.

Thank you.
On a brighter note,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, and a happy New year to everyone!
x x x

:D :hug: :love: :heart: :happybounce:
To whom it may concern,

I just want to apologise for not being active lately; a lot of stuff has been going on recently and my laptop got broken so I have to wait a while before we get a new one, and I can't upload any art yet because what I want to do is digital; I use MS paint. Sorry guys, feel free to chat as always~

Also I've just had a 2 week Christmas break and my routine is so messed up; I'm literally writing this at 2am -_-
I REALLY need to get myself back into the swing of things, and I've been a bit emotional lately ;-;

But I hope everyone else is doing okay and I'll update/upload as soon as I get the chance! Thank you all for your politeness, I really appreciate it when people are considerate. It might seem like a little thing to be happy about but your support makes my time on DA much nicer ^ w ^

Peace out guys ♡
x x x

(Oh gosh I'm so cringey ' - ')
Loud House Series: The Twins
Aww look, it's the polar-opposite twinsies, Lola & Lana. I really love these two, so adorable in everything they do~ Giggle 

These little girls are both 6 years old, but Lana is slightly older by a minute or two.
They are usually seen doing completely different things; Lola loves beautifying herself while Lana would rather roll around in the mud and play with her animals.

They have quite a few episodes centered around them, and the message is that despite being so different, they love each other very much.
So cute, right? Aww 

I have some pretty good theme songs for them.



Loud House - Hulk Lana about to lay the smack-down Loud House - Serious Lola 
Lisa and Lily are next. 

Enjoy, guys~ 

Loud House is Chris Savino's beautiful masterpiece.  
Update: I'm still alive, guys! Soz about not uploading recently, been a bit busy with college and all that jazz.
But I hope you're all doing okay and please feel free to send me notes or comments if ya wanna talk.
Can't wait to catch up with you all! 

Expect some new art at some point! Thanks for understanding, ya'll.


x x x


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